3 Great Reasons To Rest Your Body

3 Great Reasons To Rest Your Body

Hitting a fitness or weight loss plateau is a very common problem in the world of sports performance and general weight loss.

There are many theories on why our bodies sometimes hit a temporary yet frustrating roadblock, but by thinking outside the box you can power through the frustration and start seeing results again.

3 Great reasons to Rest your body
3 Great reasons to Rest your body

Here are 3 reasons why rest is sometimes more beneficial than a training session.

Natural cycle

Athletes train in cycles for a reason. The timing of training may vary from athlete to athlete, but one common factor in every athlete’s training program is planned rest days.

One of the main reasons athletes rest is to avoid fatigue, but resting the body also helps athletes avoid common overuse or stress injuries.

Many athletes notice an improved general performance after taking time off from training. A well-rested body will get better results than a tired one.

Avoid fatigue

Your body needs to re-generate, restore and repair itself often. The most effective way for your body to naturally heal itself is for you to rest. Overworked muscles and over-stressed joints just don’t perform as well, and luckily our body lets us know when our muscles are overworked.

Your pain receptors will make movements uncomfortable and your joints can become tender when you push your body too hard. The nervous system also needs time to rest in order to adapt and improve from training. Always listen to your body and rest if you are sore.

Spark excitement

If you are putting your body through the motions day after day, you can become complacent and your exercise intensity is likely to drop without you even realizing it.

Have you ever seen a dog that hasn’t been walked for a few days?

As soon as the dog goes out, it’s like a whole new world and they are just so excited. Well, it can be the same for humans when we’re working out. Taking a day or two off from your current workout routine can make you come back to the gym with a renewed commitment and an exciting approach.

There could be many factors that impact your results, but if over-training is one of them it is easy to fix with a simple day or two of rest. My goal is to help you discover ways to improve your current fitness level and emphasize that you should listen to your body. We are all individuals and our bodies adapt at our own personal rate. Giving your body adequate rest so it can be strong for your next workout is a smart approach to achieving sustainable results.