Exercise Options For Seniors

Exercise Options For Seniors

There are a lot of things that the average senior can do to stay healthier and get stronger. It is definitely possible for seniors to build muscle mass if they exercise seriously and take adequated nutrition.

It is important to note that the moves listed below are designed to be done slowly. Also, consult a doctor or specialist before starting a new exercise routine.

Exercise Options For Seniors
Exercise Options For Seniors


Squats are usually used as a good alternative if you’re getting old and have difficulties tolerating lunges due to the pressure on the knees. Some necessary aspects of doing squats for seniors consist of:

  • To protect your knees focus the weight of the body on the heels.
  • Hold onto a chair or wall while doing the squats if you feel balance issues.
  • You can do the squats holding a weight or without weights. To build muscle mass and strength is sufficient body weight.

Side bends

This movement targets the abdominals without forcing you down to the ground. If you prefer, you can hold a weight in one hand with the arm dropped to your side.

Lean squeezing your core muscles for the 10-second flexion and then 10-second extension back to the start position. Repeat it on that side, you can try 5 reps in total for each side.

Wall push-ups

Seniors who present no problem going to the ground to work out can do traditional push-ups, it could be on a mat. Those who chose to stay standing can put their hands out against a wall.

Keeping your body straight, slowly bend the elbows to bring your chest closer to the wall, while doing in it, squeeze your muscles for around 10 seconds.

Then push away from the wall, continue maintaining your body straight. Lift one leg behind the body for the entirety of the exercises if you want to do it more difficult.

When you age, your muscle mass starts to decrease at a rate that could surprise you. This doesn’t mean that you lose muscle mass and can never recover it. It just means that you need to approach your muscle-building exercises in a different way.