Exercise Using A Ball

Exercise Using A Ball

Using an exercise ball can improve trim your body and tone while keeping boredom apart. There are many different moves to perform. You will be able to constantly challenge your body, exercise your back muscles and stomach will be part of your daily routine allows you to reach your fitness goals.

Exercise ball ab workouts provide a change from standard crunches and sit-ups if you’re looking for a way to flatten and tighten your stomach, a ball is a great way to start. It is not only easier on your back, but using an exercise ball for your ab routine can help improve your posture and stabilize and strengthen all of your core muscles.

Benefits of using a ball

You no longer have an excuse for putting off those fitness goals. Working with an exercise ball has a lot of benefits:

  • It is super practical because you can exercise in the privacy of your home at any time.
  • The exercise ball conforms to your back, it enables you to exercise your abs without effort.
  • Exercise with a ball can be used as a desk chair to help strengthen your core while you work.
  • The ball makes it easier to increase the difficulty level of the exercises you perform.


You can do 5-10 reps to start, a push-up on a stability ball needs strength and significant control.

  1. Put your body across the ball so that your thighs are on top of the ball and your hands on the ground.
  2. With your legs straight and knees on top of the ball, keep your body in a plank position.
  3. lower your upper body towards the ground bending your elbows.
  4. Finally, return to the original position, straighten your elbows back out to push your torso back up into the plank position.

Trunk Curls

Ab workouts on an exercise ball can be more productive than mat or floor workouts. This guidance will help you get the best of your exercise ball ab workout, do 5-10 reps to start:

  1. When you try this exercise be careful not to pull with your neck and head muscles.
  2. Put the middle of your back on the ball.
  3. Keep your feet on the floor while crossing your arms behind your head.
  4. Now, using your stomach muscles, curl your torso to lift your upper back and shoulders.
  5. Turn back to the original position.

Individuals who are familiar with traditional abs will have no problem doing curls on the ball, making this movement appropriate for all levels, including beginners. In fact, experimented exercisers can hold a weight in their hands in front of the chest while performing this mode.

Side Curls

This move is a little more advanced than the moves above and requires strong stability. Do 5-10 reps to start:

  1. Support your waist and hips on the ball, lie on your side.
  2. If you start lying to the left side then stretch your right leg and bend your left leg. Or vice-versa if decide to start moving to the right.
  3. To control your balance use your upper arm.
  4. Finally, while keeping your lower body stationary and your hips stable, lift your upper body.

Abdominal movements are crucial if you want to develop muscle tone and flatten your stomach. Also, a full group of exercises should only take 10 to 30 minutes to complete, so it will be easy to make time in your day to exercise your abdominals, upper body, and posture using an exercise ball.