Exercises That Are Great For Upper Body Toning

Exercises That Are Great For Upper Body Toning

When you exercise the muscles of your shoulders or chest, your triceps help with the movement. Likewise, when you work your back, the biceps assist the muscle action.

For best results, perform the exercises that manage the larger muscle groups prior to performing movements for the smaller muscles.

If your upper body muscles are strong, your lower body will not have to overcompensate. This will help you prevent injuries to the knees and lower back.

For example, you should always work your shoulders, back, and chest before you perform exercises for your triceps and biceps.

Basic exercises for upper body toning to do at home, try the following:

Plank: This exercise will strengthen your entire core. Keep your hips, abdomen, and back tight and hold the position. Then with your body in a fully straight position, balance your body weight on your forearms and your toes.

Abdominal exercise: Lie on the floor (or a mat) on your back, then contract your abdominal muscles. Make sure your lower back stays affixed to the floor and drawing your abs in toward your back,

Extensions: With your knees and hands on the floor. Raise your right arm and your left leg off the floor, then extend your arm straight in front of your body and your leg straight behind you. Hold the position for three to eight seconds, then return your arm and leg to the floor.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the next best thing to weight training. They are economical, portable, affordable, and versatile. You can purchase special attachments, which enable you to affix the band to a stable piece of furniture or a door jamb.

This will allow you to perform exercises such as a standing or seated row among others. The special attachment is not necessary for performing triceps and biceps movements. You can simply place the band under your feet.

Back pain

Back pain can sometimes be caused by tight muscles in need of a good stretch. When performing a stretching routine for your back, incorporate abdominal, back, and hamstring stretches in the routine for best results.

While yoga is a good exercise, some yoga poses may not be suitable for people suffering from back pain. If you are planning on incorporating yoga into your exercise routine, make sure you inform the yoga professional about your back so that he or she can provide modified movements for you that are more suitable for your condition.