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People living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, have access to HGH treatment through the Anti-Aging HGH and Testosterone Clinic. Treatments are all given with HGH – FDA-approved human growth hormone with care and close supervision of an anti-aging doctor.

Treatments with HGH are an ongoing process and not a “one-time” treatment. Male patients who combine HGH and testosterone treatments get the best anti-aging benefits to look and feel younger.

Why should I be interested in HGH Treatments?

HGH is an important natural hormone that regulates many functions and processes in the human body.

HGH production takes place in the anterior pituitary gland at the base of our brain. HGH is secreted mainly when we sleep.

Just as we age and move through our thirties, forties and beyond, our HGH levels decrease substantially from the levels we enjoyed in our twenties.

Low HGH levels result in many undesirable symptoms of aging:

– Declines in energy and stamina
– Looser and less supple skin
– Increased body fat percentage
– Loss of muscle mass and bone density
– Lower rate of healing and recovery

And these are just to mention a few of the symptoms that low HGH levels can lead to as we age.

Levels of HGH are determined by a test called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1). We aim to safely use HGH treatments to raise patients’ IGF-1 (HGH) to the levels they enjoyed as younger adults.

HGH treatments are managed with blood tests, The patient’s weight and base blood test results will determine the prescribed dosage.

We offer HGH in the form of a 10 mg – 30 IU pen, which has a very small 6mm – 31 gage disposable needle.

HGH treatment injections are subcutaneous and are not invasive or painful. Older patients can inject six days a week, but HGH is typically injected five days a week.

Patients who commit to an HGH treatment program and adopt a healthy lifestyle can expect the following benefits:
– Immune system fortified
– Improved memory and mental acuity
– Deeper and more restful sleep
– Greater energy levels and increased resistance.
– Muscular mass percentage increment.
– Increased physical strength.
– Lower body fat percentage.
– Faster Healing and Recovery

How do I get started with my HGH Treatments?

First step is to take our Basic Blood Panel shown below.

Patients can get the tests done on their own or use our referral lab.

Basic Blood Panel – Females items one through four only:

1. CBC (complete blood count)

2. Liver enzymes: AST, ALT

3. Kidney function: BUN, Creatinine

4. IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor to measure levels of Growth Hormone)

5. Total testosterone

6. PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)

At the time blood tests are received from our patients, you will be contacted by the assigned doctor to book a consultation to review the blood tests, medical history in order to initiate the program.

At the end of thirty days of HGH treatments, patients undergo a control blood test to check their IGF-1 (HGH) level and see if they are reaching the target elevation. The patient’s dose may be adjusted by their physician after reviewing the control blood tests.

Your HGH treatments are shipped overnight in a sturdy, temperature-controlled box, ensuring that the HGH is in the cold chain during the shipping process.

Pens are always kept in the refrigerator.

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