Increase Your Communication Skills

Increase Your Communication Skills

People look for similarity and familiarity when they are socializing, so asking questions is a great way to find common ground and make the other person feel comfortable conversing with you.

If you’re socially awkward, smiling and making eye contact can be terrifying. Even for those who are decent at it, sometimes it can be intimidating to give someone eye contact for extended periods of time. Like any other skill, practice makes perfect.

Increase your communication skills
Increase your communication skills

Trigger emotional responses

Humans are creatures of habit. Our brains are wired to make things easy and efficient for us.

So just like we fall into habits like brushing our teeth or plopping on the couch after a long day at work, we also fall into the same social patterns.

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Practice smiling

Studies have shown smiling not only makes you feel good, but the positive feelings you get from smiling are contagious thanks to mirror neurons! Mirror neurons are brain cells that are activated based on seeing someone else make a gesture or facial expression and it triggers the same emotions you are seeing.

By practicing your smile on strangers you’ll feel more natural smiling when you want to approach people at your next social event. Thanks to mirror neurons, smiling makes you seem more approachable.

Add some detail

After you’ve replaced your boring responses with words that will intrigue someone, continue the conversation by adding depth.

The “yes and…” technique is a simple trick many improv actors use to add to the storyline in improv acting. In the real world, it helps you add some depth to the conversation by answering their question and then peppering in a short story to generate interest.

Make direct eye contact with strangers

Think of your morning commute. Use this opportunity to make eye contact with people walking down the street or into your office building. If you’ve never tried this, start by walking with your chin up.

Most of us walk without thinking. I mean when was the last time you really thought hard about walking? But think about it, when you’re walking are you looking down or up? Do you look at people around you or are you looking down at your phone or the sidewalk?

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