Keep Oily Skin Under Control

Keep Oily Skin Under Control

As far as the cause of oily skin, there are many reasons our skin can get a little shiny from time to time. If you live in a tropical climate, there is natural humidity in the air, making it easy for your oil production to go into overdrive.

And if you enjoy a dry climate, you may still experience oily skin because you’re genetically predisposed. Oily skin could also be due to hormonal changes, which are most often seen in a person’s teens the early 20s. You could also have combination skin, meaning that some areas of your face are oily, and some are dry.

Keep oily skin under control
Keep oily skin under control

Don’t touch

This one is a classic beauty tip:

Don’t touch your face. Sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done!

Every time you think about touching your face, remind yourself that you could be transferring impurities to your skin with every touch.

Pack wisely

Something as simple as carrying oil blotting sheets and tissues could help you control shine throughout your day.

Oil blotting sheets are an inexpensive way to mop up excess oil on your face and give you a matte look for hours after you’ve cleansed your face.

Try different moisturizers

Sometimes oily skin is only present in certain areas of the face, such as the T-zone (the t-shaped zone of your forehead, nose, and chin)–but cheeks are still considered dry or normal.

The areas of your face that are oily may need a lighter moisturizer, so keep trying moisturizers until you find the one that is perfect for you!

Pull your hair back

Hair can be beautiful when you leave it down, but it can also exacerbate oily skin. If you have oily skin, try to keep your hair out of your face as much as possible to prevent clogged pores and excess shine.

This is especially true if you have long bangs, so be sure to keep your hair clean and cleanse your forehead thoroughly.