Keep Your Hair Strong

Keep Your Hair Strong

Our hair needs to be elastic, resilient, and resistant to breakage. In other words, our hair needs to be strong. When it comes to our hair, we all want it to look healthy, soft, smooth, and shiny. What we don’t want to see is a lot of breakage, split ends, color fading, and damaged hair.


Avoid heat

Use heat protectant spray and clean your styling tools with alcohol to help remove product residue, which can damage your hair over time.

There are several other things to keep in mind as you work to strengthen your hair:

  • Try to avoid tight ponytails, as they can encourage breakage.
  • Protect hair when you swim. Chlorine weakens the hair, so wet your hair before you take a dip. Apply some product or even conditioner to keep it protected. If all else fails, you can always opt for a swim cap.
  • Protect hair with UV protection when going into the sun. As the sun fades your hair, it causes it to become dry and brittle. Consider wearing a hat when spending time in the sun.

When it comes to hair, nails, skin, it’s all about strength. So, implement some daily practices to look and feel your absolute best.

Good nutrition

A healthy diet is a key to the health of your hair. Protein is essential, as your hair is made up of a tough protein called keratin, which helps form the strength of your hair, skin, and nails.

You also need to focus on trace minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, and selenium, as well as Vitamins E, D, and C. These nutrients,  are important in the production of keratin. Antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies are a great vitamin source, as are healthy fats. Fish is also a great choice because omega-3 fatty acids encourage hair growth.

Shampoos are diferent

Choose a shampoo specifically for your hair type to help strengthen your hair. Select a gentle shampoo and conditioner to help repair hair and bring it back to a strong and healthy state.

Choose products that are sulfate-free and clinically tested to improve hair strength. Try to avoid chemical-based products, as they can be damaging. Look for more gentle ingredients like Aloe vera, shea butter, and plant-derived micro proteins to help soften and strengthen hair.