Maintain Healthy Lifestyles Into Your Later Years

Maintain Healthy Lifestyles Into Your Later Years

If you want to try adding something new to your exercise routine, remember that performing it correctly is important

With people living longer and wanting to maintain healthy lifestyles into their later years, viewing pictures of exercises for seniors may be the incentive you need to stay active for life. Young and old alike benefit from exercise.

Try one of these sports to change up your routine, get more exercise, and maybe develop a new active hobby.

Maintain Healthy Lifestyles Into Your Later Years
Maintain Healthy Lifestyles Into Your Later Years
Tai Chi

Though tai chi isn’t known as a strenuous workout, it is indeed a great way for seniors to stay active. Like yoga, tai chi has stress-relieving benefits. The gentle flow of tai chi makes it accessible to older adults who cannot tolerate faster-paced exercise.


Bike riding is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Ride with a partner for twice the fun. Indoor stationary bicycles offer similar benefits and allow people to ride in the comfort of their own homes.


Exercise doesn’t have to be within the confines of a gym. Many seniors stay quite active without a single piece of exercise equipment. Dancing can be an effective – and enjoyable – way to get activity in.

Stay Active

You can take part in sports like golf and tennis your entire life. Golf involves plenty of walking and tennis keeps your coordination in tip-top shape. Interacting with others while you play is another benefit.


If you want a simple routine that’s low-impact but still highly beneficial, walking is one of the best exercises for seniors, those who adhered to a walking program revealed significant improvements in blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, slowing of resting heart rate, body weight, and reduction of body fat, improved depression scores with better quality of life and increased measures of endurance. A beachside stroll with a life partner is a wonderful way to start or end your day.


Swimming is an excellent way to stay active without putting too much pressure on your joints. Swimming is a low-impact, high-cardio workout that burns calories and tones muscles, pool play is also an activity you can enjoy with your children and grandchildren.

Stay Flexible

Don’t let your flexibility diminish as you age. Take a few minutes every day to stretch and keep your joints fluid and flexible. Using a stability ball as part of your stretching routine involves your core muscles as well.

Maintain Healthy Lifestyles Into Your Later Years

Resistance Bands

Using resistance bands is a gentle way to maintain and build strength. Seniors like resistance bands because they are highly portable and the injury risk is lessened when compared to hand weights (dropping a resistance band on your toe isn’t going to hurt at all, but dropping a weight on your toe may prompt a trip to the emergency room).

Maintain Muscle

Men and women can maintain good muscle tone with simple exercises like push-ups and pull-ups.

Little to no equipment is required and you don’t need a lot of space, so these are exercises you can easily fit into your day. Seniors can make modifications if necessary in order to complete the exercise safely. For example, those who do not like taking to the floor for push-ups can modify to do the push-ups against a wall while standing.