Pushup Workout Routine

Pushup Workout Routine

Pushups exercises, are one of the most adaptive workouts you can do. From standard pushups to incline pushups, you have the ability to customize your routine, allowing the workout to grow with your strength levels. You no need to buy equipment to start doing it, and the only space needed is an area clear enough for you to stretch out prone on the floor. As your strength level grows, so does your ability to do more in different ways.

To start, you will need to figure out what your goal is. If your goal is getting stronger and building muscle, then you’ll want to push yourself to fatigue. This means continuing to execute perfect pushups until your arms can no longer support your weight and you feel exhausted.

How Many Pushups Should I do?

While it would be nice to have a nice round figure of 20, 50, or 100 pushups to aim for, the truth is that just as everyone’s fitness level is different, so is their ability to complete a specific number of pushups in one day. If you are just a beginner on the fitness journey, doing around 3 to 7 pushups with perfect form may be the right number for you.

If you’re further along in your pushups levels, this number may be around 20 to 100. The key is learning what the correct stage of pushups is the best for you at any time. Also that you continue to do enough pushups to challenge yourself, and to achieve the types of benefits that you want.

Creating your own routine

Since pushups can be done in different ways, your number may vary from position to position. There are three types of plank style pushups:

  • Wide arm: Your hands are wider apart in this pushup position, giving you a better chest and shoulders workout.
  • Standard
  • Close-hand: This method involves moving your hands closer together under your chest and will work your triceps more.

The quantity and type of pushups that you can do may vary, depending on your particular muscle strength areas.

Whether your capacity to do pushups is 5 or 100, keeping a goal in mind can help you focus on your routine and help you achieve results faster. How many pushups should you do daily is the first question that you should ask yourself when you start your fitness program to see some easily achievable results.

Setting a personal target for yourself with a set number of pushups to do in a day can help keep you in your best form, inspired, and motivated to continue your fitness program.

You can also try varying your pushup workout routine to include the various ways of pushups, making sure to follow them properly, and increasing the number of pushups you do daily as your ability to do them gets better.

Pushups for everybody

To figure out how many pushups you should be doing each day, you need to begin by making sure you are doing them correctly. It’s too easy to cheat and allow your way to go in order to get in a few more reps. Focus on keeping your back straight and dip into each pushup to the right stage slowly before coming back up. Unlike more strenuous weight-bearing exercises, you can do pushups every day, no matter how many you eventually work up to.

Remember to always keep your body erect, hover facedown against the floor on your toes and hands. Keep your feet apart and your hands underneath your shoulders. Tighten your abs to avoid sagging in the hips and lower back, and feel free to modify when your muscles begin to fatigue.