Walking as Exercise

Walking is a fun activity, especially if you do it with a friend. And it’s a cardiovascular exercise to do in nature, so starting a walking program during this month of August is a good idea.

Even if you don’t have any equipment at all, you can get started walking today. Take 15 minutes to stroll outdoors, and then do it again anytime you want. If you keep it up usually and gradually increase the time you spend walking, you’ll be good on your way to getting fit and mentally stronger.

Walking as Exercise
Walking as Exercise

Equipment you may need:

Walking shoes:

If you usually walk a lot per week, you may want to have a few pairs of shoes you wear in rotation so that you can use the other pair time to dry. This makes protects your feet and for more pleasant walking. A good thing about walking is that you don’t need a lot of equipment. However, you must have is a pair of comfortable walking shoes.


Whether you choose a small portable radio or an MP3 player, you may find that walking is a lot more fun activity, when you do it while listening to your favorite music. Keep in mind to follow local laws about wearing music devices while practicing walking in some places.


Cotton socks are just about the worst kind for walking long distances because they can cause blisters and absorb sweat. Instead, look for technical fabrics specially designed for walking that minimize friction and wick moisture. If you’re planning to walk great distances and your feet start to sweat, socks make a great difference.

Walking stroller:

Before making your purchase, be sure to test drive plenty of distinct walking strollers because pushing an irritating stroller can ruin walks quickly. You always can bring your friends along on your walks while enjoying the outdoors and show them how much fun it can be to walk as exercise.


Clothes designed for walking are comfortable and allow for airflow so you aren’t drenched in sweat by the time your walk is over. Find clothing in fabrics that minimize chafing and wick away sweat. The key is if you want to get serious about walking, then you will want to get clothing that is created to exercise.

Go from inactive to active

Walking is a good first step that inactive people can take to start an easy way of exercise. Once you get up and start moving with a simple action such as walking, your body will naturally release feel-good brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, providing you an emotional boost that may help to get you even more active.

Ways to track your steps

Lots of wearable gadgets have signals that monitor your daily walking steps. In fact, many of the bracelets and mobile applications, even felicitate you when you have reached your goal for the day.

Or if you prefer, invest in a phone app or in a simple pedometer to help you to keep track. There are lots of fancy gadgets but I propose finding something that you can wear, keep in a pocket or clip to clothing so that every step will count.

Walking can help you feel good

If you are quite sedentary, you will need to start much more slowly than if you are already in pretty good shape. Like other forms of activity, walking helps build cardiovascular endurance, as well as muscular endurance.

An extra point is that the effects of adding extra walking to your day go far beyond the physical, because walking can make you feel good, too. If you’re someone who dismisses the idea of walking as exercise, then think again. It requires minimal equipment and is easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle, making it the ideal fitness activity for people at all levels of fitness.